Patrol Services

The Patrol Division is responsible for providing all uniformed services of the Orleans County Sheriff's Department. Those services include: motor vehicle enforcement, criminal investigations, community policing, community outreach, security services, and special details.

Policing Services

Across the County of Orleans, towns and villages are able to contract with Sheriff's departments for law enforcement and policing services. The Orleans County Sheriff's Department opts to perform policing services to compliment services provided by the State on a variety of levels within the county.

Detail Services

There are often times where a government, organization or an individual will require the services of law enforcement that are otherwise not provided within the State of Vermont. Examples of these can be the movement of "super-load" trucks, that require deputies to help massive structures navigate Vermont highways; providing security for commercial or industrial facilities; providing traffic control for construction projects; and providing supervision for situations deemed unsafe for a variety of reasons.

Grant Activities

The Orleans County Sheriff's Department is involved in a variety of targeted enforcement activities, funded through a variety of grants. This includes patrol efforts in cooperation with the Governor's Highway Safety Program to combat impaired driving, distracted driving and encourage occupant protection use; enforcement of snowmobile laws on VAST trails; educating new drivers as an enhancement to driver's education programs and more.


Our office serves Orleans County as well as neighboring counties with civilian fingerprinting. Be it a work related background check, checks related to adoption, or other non-criminal needs, the Orleans County Sheriff's Office is able to assist.

We have dates and times available during our Open Houses!
You will need a fingerprint authorization form, two (2) forms of ID e.g. Driver's License w/Pic; Passport, Social Security Card, Work/School ID as well as certified Birth Certificate. 

Fee: $35.00 (Cash or Bank Check only!!!)

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School Resource Officer

School Resource Officer (SRO) programs can play an important role in maintaining and increasing safety at schools and in neighboring communities. School and Law Enforcement relationships through SROs act as liaisons between the students, faculty, and staff and the many different resources in the community. Not only can SROs connect others with legal, safety, and mental health resources, they also act as unofficial counselors for students who may not feel comfortable talking with family or teachers about sensitive topics.


The Transport Division moves prisoners on behalf of the State of Vermont between prisons and courts; performs prisoner extraditions from other states to Vermont; provides for the humane movement of mental health patients between facilities; and assists the Department of Children and Families with the movement of children within state custody when they present a risk to themselves or others.

Civil Process

Some types of documents and civil processes frequently served by the Orleans County Sheriff's Office include: summons and complaints, writ of replevin, writ of possession, trustee processes, small claims, divorce processes, judgement orders, and notice of eviction/quit. Additionally, the Sheriff of each county is the only lawful authority to evict tenants following legal action.

Fees (as set by 32VSA1591):

Service$75.00 per person served, plus mileage

Postage: When applicable

Note:Our office requires a $150.00 deposit to cover the above fees. Any unused portions of the deposit will be refunded following the completion of service.

Civil Lockouts: Our Office requires $50.00 non-refundable when the request is made prior to the lock out date.